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                    Now more than ever, children need to train Karate !

                                            KARATE FOR KIDS

                                        WHY SHOULD YOU BRING YOUR CHILD TO KARATE SCHOOL ?

Karate Schools throughout the world are noted for teaching children things that are not necessarily taught in normal school time. Things like MANNERS, RESPECT, SELF-DISCIPLINE, KEEPING YOUR WORD and HOW TO AVOID CONFLICT WITH OTHERS. Of course, we also teach techniques that can help children (and adults) defend themselves against an attack, although we always emphasize that students should walk or run away from violence if possible. CONFIDENCE comes from knowing that you can take care of yourself.

HAMPSTEAD KARATE SCHOOL is a branch of the WHITE CRANE KARATE SCHOOL which has been established in North London for over 40 years under the direction of Sensei Steve Duffy 7th Dan (WSK).

Our style of Karate is called Goju-Ryu. It is one of the most popular styles in the world and is an excellent activity that cultivates a healthy body and mind. Through the vigorous practice of self-defence techniques, students gain confidence and discipline which will help them throughout their lives.

We specialize in the teaching of children from the ages of 5 years upwards. Private tuition is available for adults in their own home enviroment.

Our group is affiliated to the World Shoseikan Karate-Do, the Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai and the Federation Of English Karate Organisationans. Our Chief Instructor in Japan, Sensei Katsutoshi Ishihara 9th Dan Black Belt was a top student of the famous Karate Master Gogen Yamaguchi, who was decorated by the Emperor of Japan for his service to Japanese martial arts. 

Please contact us if you are interested in your child having a free trial class, or if you would like to have private tuition.

 ​                 0208 440 2644 / 07943 379934    email  [email protected]